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This 58-minute film uses Jim’s narrative, the museums models and archived photos and sounds to bring to life nautical history, such as the Victory ship’s U-boat war in WWII, the Battle of Trafalgar, and the nautical adventures of Joshua Slocum, the first man to circumnavigate the world solo. This film is in the tradition of historical documentaries such as Ken Burn’s, “The War” and is a supplement to it.

As a boy, Jim built and sailed homemade rafts on a river near his home. Even then, he modified the rafts to perform better and realized he wanted to be a marine engineer. The editor of the newspaper he sold noticed his abilities and secured him a scholarship to a college with a marine engineering program.

After obtaining his marine engineering degree, Jim shipped out on oil tankers and joined the convoys of Liberty ships that sailed the oceans during WWII.     
These vessels were under constant threat of attack by U-boats. Jim’s ship was torpedoed but, by luck, his raft was spotted by a U-boat-hunting airplane. Jim was rescued and continued in the Merchant
Marine until the end of the war.

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