COMMENTS -  I did realize that my first film was to be a learning experience, which it was. But, this film was not a hobby. I intended to make a reasonable amount of money to compensate for the four years (to date) and about twenty percent of that time that I worked on the film.  

Cost was a major consideration. I did everything myself from the filming to the editing. I bought used equipment, such as tripods, shop lights at ten dollars each from Sears and luckily my physician son, who had bought a Sony VX1000 to record medical techniques, didn’t have time to do them. So, I got the camera, outdated by that time, but still quite functional. Over the time of this film, high-definition cameras became required for most videos. Let’s hope that my standard-definition film will not be rejected solely because of technical requirements.

The video is now ready for me to market and distribute it. This is where I hope to get some monetary return. My experience with distribution and marketing is zilch. As I did for all aspects of this film (lighting, sound, filming, editing e.t.c,), I will hit the how-to books and then try out what I learn. Mostly, this will require contacting cable networks to see if they will license the film and selling DVDs over the Web and by direct marketing. That means Facebook (so I am told), Web sites, cold calls, Emails e.t.c. These activities are very foreign to me both with respect to experience and temperament. I am the kind of person who likes to read, find information on line and discuss books and films. Sharing the trivial and, even less, the significant aspects of my life with hoards of virtual friends is unpleasant.

One reads of all the indie film makers who burn with a passion to make films. This is not the case with me. I had no strong emotional drive to make a film. Also, I had many enjoyable avenues open to occupy my time. My drives are mental. I wanted to create something after I left teaching and research. After considering my skills and mind sets, making a movie was the obvious choice. The challenge was to make a decent film using brain power only because I have no talent.


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