Docents show visitors through the museum and tell of their own adventures and the history of the models. One of the museum’s models depicts Joshua Slocum’s ship, the “Spray,” the most copied sailing vessel in the world. His life and the books he wrote were an inspiration to generations of readers. He built the “Spray” by completely replacing the structure of a rotted hulk. He started his circumnavigation of the world with a $1.50 in his pocket and a tin alarm clock for his chronometer. He started sailing across the Atlantic from west to east and into the Mediterranean.  After he was chased by Barbary pirates, he decided the Mediterranean was too dangerous so he sailed back across the Atlantic and circumnavigated the world east to west.

 A large model of the “Victory” the flagship of Admiral Horatio Nelson, is a prized possession of the Houston Maritime Museum. Admiral Nelson   commanded the British fleet during the Battle of Trafalgar and defeated a much larger French-Spanish force. He was killed in the battle and became one of England’s greatest heroes.

My film  chronicles Jim’s  adventurous and successful life.  It also depicts an important chapter in the story of Jim’s generation, the “Greatest Generation,” that fought in WWII and went on to rebuild a nation. The tour through the museum captures events in nautical history. This film will attract both young and old. It will be an inspiration to many.
David Mailman
3419 Audubon Pl
Houston, TX 77006

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